31 October 2011

Searching online for Robert Creeley's homage poem to Robert Bly and Federico García Lorca (which I could not find) I came across this Lorca poem


enters, and leaves,
the tavern.

Black horses
and sinister people
travel the deep roads
of the guitar.

And there’s a smell of salt
and of female blood
in the fevered tuberoses
of the shore.

enters and leaves,
and leaves and enters
the death
of the tavern.

Filler Post

This post is, merely, a place-holder post so October 2011 isn't in sole possession of least blogged month. Thanks again, Trud & Jerf, for doing so very little.

29 October 2011

Tattoo by Wally Stevens

The light is like a spider.
It crawls over the water.
It crawls over the edges of the snow.
It crawls under your eyelids
And spreads its webs there--
Its two webs.

The webs of your eyes
Are fastened
To the flesh and bones of you
As to rafters or grass.

There are filaments of your eyes
On the surface of the water
And in the edges of the snow.

25 October 2011

Q & A with Chris McCreary

There is a Q & A with Chris McCreary regarding his collection Undone: A Fakebook posted on my course blog. Check it out.

22 October 2011


Today, I've been jamming to Vampire Weekend's self-titled album, circa 2008, on repeat while working on my field list essay.

Below is borntofolk93's rendition of one of the album's catchier tunes, "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa." If you're curious, on his YouTube channel borntofolk93 also covers Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, and Wolf Parade, among others.

I'm sort of done writing for the day.

751 Magazine

I have some more new work in the new issue of 751 Magazine. These pieces are from the same manuscript (i.e. Imaginary You) as the recent poems that appear in the new issue of diode. In addition to my work, there's some solid prose poems, etc. in there.


Poets.org, which is the website for The American Academy of Poets, runs a series called "Poem-A-Day." As you might guess, they published one poem everyday. On October 20th, they published an awesome poem by Tina Brown Celona titled "Potentially Interesting & Secretly Devastating." You can check out the "poem flow" and other entries in the series here, but below you can read the text of the poem in full:
Potentially Interesting & Secretly Devastating

is never to give away your secrets
though people will guess
and say you write like the following poets
e.e. cummings Wallace Stevens Richard Brautigan
Ted Berrigan Frank O'Hara
though you'd prefer to be compared to
the Old Possum
and to me you sound a bit like Robert Creeley
who once was embarrassed by me at a party
he died a few years later.
It's easier to talk to you on the phone
after Nebraska which sounds
wonderful when you say it
even with loathing
and "formally innovative"
and "hybrid forms"
and the human being you are looking for
in my poem
because what are we but our words
in the end and what
are poems but perceptions
and who do YOU want to fuck
and how much do you want it
and what are you willing to do
to get what you want and how can you be satisfied
with what you have. Utterly sufficient
to be apart and how you will never say love
before October and I don't mind
or even know what I mean when I say it
whether what defines it is intensity or duration
of feeling or preordained by fate
which pushes us together and draws us apart
the one human voice speaking in all of our poems
what it felt like to be alive
and being in love is most alive
whether it's with the world or you or
poetry. In every aspect
no one resembles anyone
and can you become a poet just by trying
or do you have to go to an impressive school
and how poems are dangerous
when there are real people in them
and nothing is really new but only to you
and you are the most powerful pronoun

21 October 2011

The poetry of Joshua Ware (Fall 2011)

Imaginary Portrait

You paint a vase of roses
one hundred times over, each one
a representation of the previous painting.
Roses look less like roses
with each subsequent attempt
yet you capture the idea
of roses more thoroughly
with every new permutation
enabling the viewer to understand
what it means to be a rose
in the illimitable imagination.

More to be found in the latest issue of diode:

19 October 2011

Jeff Alessandrelli Tastes Like Mother's Milk

My boy Jeff Alessandrelli's book Erik Satie Watusies His Way into Sound was just released by Ravenna Press. This is gonna be the feel-good poetry pamphlet of the winter; kind of like Jason Alexander's (as Jason Alexander) book pamphlet Acting without Acting.

08 October 2011

As Do I

Kathleen Peirce

Since you don't have tumblr, Jorsh: I posted a link to this review of Peirce's The Ardors over on early morning corn, where I also included a poem from the book. Check it out!

04 October 2011

Joshua Ware on YouTube

I did a search on YouTube for "Joshua Ware" and I must say there were a few "interesting" results. Take, for instance, the first video; apparently there is a Joshua Ware out there that likes to participate in amateur dance competitions. Check out the wicked action-roll at the 1:00 minute-mark Joshua does when his buddy Miles begins to get his groove on:

This next Joshua Ware really brings it, as the kids say nowadays. Outside of the fact that this version of Joshua Ware has a rad hair-do, I wonder what compels him to wear oven-mitts in the opening sequence. There are some real gems in this 11-minute-plus sequence:

Q & A with Tina Brown Celona

There is a Q & A post on my ENGL 253: Introduction to Writing Poetry class blog with Tina Brown Celona wherein she discusses her first collection The Real Moon of Poetry. Check it out.

03 October 2011

On Broken Bones & Glory

During his career as a professional daredevil Evel Knievel broke 433 bones, a Guinness World Record.