27 March 2011

Black Mountain 2?

This is interesting, via John Gallaher's blog. Any thoughts?

"I rarely believe something strongly enough to state it as a principle, but I do this, that the line of cities with Denver at the center and with Ft. Collins to the north and Colorado Springs to the south will, in the future, be talked about in the way that we talk about Black Mountain."


  1. Jeff Alessandrelli will, in the future, be talked about in the way that we talk about Todd Boss.

  2. I don’t think I know enough about what type(s) of writing is really coming out of that region. If one had to reduce the Black Mountain school to one reductive statement or aesthetic it would probably be Creeley’s “form is never more than an extension of content,” which was a sidebar of Olson’s Projective Verse. Is there any aesthetic or sensibility that (very) loosely ties the Denver to Fort Collins to CO Springs region together in any way? And Black Mountain obviously had artists like Cy Twombly and R. Rauschenberg and musicians like John Cage that played some role too; does Denver/Ft. Collins/CO Springs have that going on also? I’m sure they do but I couldn’t name anyone off the top of my head. It’s interesting, though, how one stratifies in his/her head these schools or movements—but when it was around Black Mountain college was just Black Mountain college; I don’t think anyone knew at the time that it would be talked about the way it is years later, nor that it would be afforded its own “school” of sorts.

    Trey, love me like I love you.