29 May 2011

Seneca on the Lesson to be Drawn from the Burning of Lyon by Benjamin Paloff

The world is full of things far darker than my bad ideas.
And who isn't a sports fan when lives are at stake?
In my neurodegenerative order, I always cross the street
without looking. It's only a matter of time before I'm hit
by a victory parade carrying an automaton plundered from the island
where every second person is an automaton. In this way, Rhodes
is not a store of wonders free for the vanquisher, but a nightmare
you will yourself into in order to sail yourself home.
When I count the constellations against the gears
of my Antikythera mechanism, all it augurs me is a career
playing terrorists in made-for-TV movies. I don't know
what else I expected, but I never expected to be
the kind of man who mourns his friends.

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