17 May 2011

The Truth Game

Research Into Sexuality

Eluard: How do you reconcile your love of women and your taste for sodomy?

Tanguy: Sodomy is not homosexual. It interests me only when performed with a woman, not for any other reason.

Breton: The question of reconciliation does not arise. I prefer sodomy for moral reasons and above all through considerations of non-conformity. No chance of a child with a woman one does not love, and that a woman one does love can so abandon herself seems to me infinitely arousing.

Eluard: Why?

Breton: From the materialist point of view, in the case of a woman I love, it is infinitely more pessimistic (shit's law) and therefore more poetic.

Eluard: But why, for example, does not the idea of conception through coitus appear more pessimistic to you than shit?

Breton: Because it is in conformity with growth which is mingled in my mind with the idea of well-being.

Eluard: For me, two beings at the moment of coitus, represent an end in themselves and reproduction is an evil.

Breton: That is a completely Christian idea of the problem.

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