02 July 2011

diode: V4n3

Sacramento Kings enthusiast and Shawn Kemp Carwash contributor Jeff Alessandrelli has five poems in the new issue of diode; they're pretty killer, with such enormous lines as:

it is only the imagination
that can resist the imagination,

it is only the imagination
that can withstand, uphold,
subvert and resist

the imagination
Other contributors in the new issue are: Traci Brimhall, Ethan Saul Bull, Joseph Cooper, Susan Elbe, Thomas Fink, Ray Gonzalez, Matthew Guenette, Julie Hanson, Tom C. Hunley, David Dodd Lee, Deena Linett, Sandy Longhorn, David McAleavey, Kyle McCord, John McKernan, Keith Montesano, Alison Pelegrin, Emilia Phillips, Kevin Powers, Margot Schilpp, Matt Schumacher, Nate Slawson. As well as special features by Kyle McCord, Didi Menedez, Maureen Seaton, Kristine Snodgrass, and Zoe Virginia.

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  1. Did you notice how I bit fox-throated?

    Flagrant Plagiarism.

    Which is coincidentally also the name of a thrashcore band I dabble in.