24 August 2011

Final Summer Reading List

Now that summer, at least for me, is officially over, so too is my prose-poetry reading list. I ended up reading seven poetry collections and six novels. It seemed like I read more than that, but such was not the case. Either way, they were all good and none of them sucked:
Baran, Jessica. Remains To Be Used.
Barnes, Djuna. Nightwood.
Ceravolo, Joseph. Spring in this World of Poor Mutts.
Farivar, Rebecca. Correct Animal.
Ford, Ford Maddux. The Good Soldier.
Gilbert, Alan. Late in the Antenna Fields.
Hyland, MC. Neveragainland.
Minnis, Chelsey. Poemland.
O'Hara, John. Appointment in Samarra.
Rhys, Jean. Good Morning, Midnight.
Seldess, Jesse. Left Having.
Toomer, Jean. Cane.
Zola, Emile. L'Assommoir.


  1. I forgot the Ford and the Seldess in the initial post. I DID read more than I originally thought! Smiley emoticon.

  2. Poemland is mad real.

  3. I forgot the Farivar in the first and second posts. I think, for real this time, that this is the complete listing of my summer reading for 2011.