07 November 2011

Baron "The Real Deal" Davis


Yes, this blog's namesake is Shawn Kemp, and, thus, one would assume that the contributor's of this blog hold The Rain Man in high-regard. But every now and then, an NBA player comes along who out-classes everybody with their "I just don't give a fuck" attitude. Baron Davis, my friends, is just one of those players (Click through the link attached to his name for his amazing official website). As the above image clearly shows, Davis, indeed, doesn't give a fuck. At a labor negotiation and public address, almost all of his peers came dressed in designer suits (many with ties). Not Davis. Sure, you may say: "Neither did Carmelo." You would be correct. But let's break-down the general aesthetics of Davis and Anthony a bit more. Yes, they are both wearing brightly-colored plaid shirts, but Davis goes hard by buttoning his shirt all the way up to and including the top button, is rocking a black winter's cap, has a full beard, and black-rimmed nerd glasses. If you mistook him for a member of TV On The Radio, you cannot be faulted. In fact, I'm pretty sure TVOTR recently made him an honorary member.

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  1. Now this is a good post. I like how his website, via its design elements, could easily belong to a fiction writer. Favorite quote: "New team, same grind."