31 January 2012

Two Pieces of Good New for Shawn Kemp

Jeff Alessandrelli drops truth bombs all over the great state of Nebraska with a hard-hitting and edgy interview in the Daily Nebraskan. By hard-hitting and edgy, I mean sexy and tangential.

In other news, Slope Editions announced today that Trey Moody and Joshua Ware's hard-hitting and edgy collection How We Remake the World: A Concise History of Everything won their First Annual Chapbook Prize. By hard-hitting and edgy, I mean bipolar and absurd.


  1. Hmm...instead I'd say Jerf's interview is bipolar and absurd, and the chapbook's sexy and tangential. But what do I know.

  2. I don't know about Jeff going into my post and changing the picture. I'm tagging him in all the photos I have of him on Fb now.