20 March 2012

The Broken Gaze, by Paul J. Leslie, III

Every salesperson at least one point in their career has been asked about their competition by a customer. It never looks good to a customer when you talk bad about your competitors. When you use The Broken Gaze you will be able to say nice things about the competition that your customer will perceive as negatives without you ever saying or expressing it.

1. You must be in excellent rapport with good eye contact with your customer from the beginning.

2. When the customer asks about your competitor, break the eye contact and slightly lower your voice.

3. When you are done talking about them instantly re-establish eye contact and previous voice patterns.

For example:

You and Mrs. Smith are talking about the fine washer and dryers your store sells. You are in good rapport and have anchored `quality and dependability' to yourself. You have excellent eye contact. She then asks about Jones Washers, who are down the street. You immediately break your eye contact and slightly lower your voice and say, "I have heard that there are nice people down at Jones". You immediately reconnect your eye contact and bring back your voice pattern to normal to tell Mrs. Smith about your free delivery offer. If she asks later about Jones Washers you try the same approach. Her brain will link losing rapport to Jones Washers, so it doesn't matter what they offer she will feel disconnected to the competition.

You have succeeded in your sale without bashing anyone.

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