06 March 2012

Don't Let Me Forget To Feed The Sharks

Bro has a new chapbook called Don't Let Me Forget To Feed The Sharks out on the Poor Claudia imprint; it's wicked sweet and shit. You can purchase it here.


  1. I was just going to post about this. But you beat me to it. More relentless self-promotion:

    Selections from Don’t Let Me Forget To Feed The Sharks originally appeared in Quarterly West, Forklift, Ohio, Hunger Mountain, DIAGRAM, Canteen, Octopus, CutBank, diode and UCity Review.

    What Matthew Rohrer said about Don’t Let Me Forget To Feed The Sharks:

    I really like Jeff Alessandrelli's DON'T LET ME FORGET TO FEED THE SHARKS, and you will too. The movement of these poems is just amazing to watch; right in front of your eyes the lines go unexpectedly from one thing to the next and shift in tone, but you never feel anything but happy to follow them, because Jeff's voice is incredibly confident. You just want him to keep talking. As Jeff points out, "Robert Creeley Was Occasionally Sentimental & So Am I" . I wouldn't call these sentimental as much as I would call them real. These are poems written by a real person.

    -Matthew Rohrer

    Ian Huebert did the artwork.

  2. This chap is bangers. For those who missed it, Mr. Alessandrelli gave a killer reading at the AWP.

  3. I have a video of it I'll be posting online.

  4. Sorry it wasn’t good enough for you Josh. But at least I’m still young and have time to learn. I bet your reading was fucking riveting!