28 December 2011

Spurs Notes: 12/26 vs. Grizzlies

*The average age of all NBA teams is a few days shy of 27 years old. Surprisingly, the Spurs' average age is just a few months over 27 years old.

*Similar to Joshua Ware, Ginobili can defend a 2-on-1 break.

*Similar to Shawn Kemp, Zach Randolph looked out of shape.

*Duncan was limited by foul trouble but played well in his 21 minutes. Also limited by foul trouble, DeJuan Blair smiled way too much for Gordon Ramsay's liking.

*Splitter played decently despite looking like Dolph Lundgren, but he needs to be more aggressive near the basket, similar to Jeff Alessandrelli.

*I was surprised by the small forwards--an area of concern coming into the season. Jefferson didn't hesitate in shooting 3s, James Anderson filled in a bit and reminded me of Willie Anderson, and I was really surprised with the all-around solid play of rookie Kawhi Leonard. Once he starts finishing breaks and figures out some offensive moves, look out.

*Overall, not a bad way to open the season. CP3 and Blake Griffin bring the Lob City show to San Antonio tonight.

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